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Beer Brewing Kit- Deluxe

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This beer brewing kit includes all the equipment’s you need to brew beer at the comfort of your home. We have hand picked each item to ensure quality and durability. Use this kit to make excellent ales (top fermenting beer) every time.

The kit includes:

  1. 25 lts Primary Fermenter with Lid- 1
  2. 10+2 lts Secondary Fermenter- 2
  3. Glass Airlock- 1
  4. Test Jar- 1
  5. Hydrometer- 1
  6. Refractometer- 1
  7. Test Tube (25 ml)- 1
  8. Pen Type Dip Thermometer- 1
  9. Crown Capping cum Hand Corking Machine-1
  10. Siphon for Bottling- 1
  11. Blends- Chemicals for increasing/decreasing acidity- 2
  12. Beer Yeast (Safale Wb-06 or Safbrew T-58 or Safale S-04)-  1 Packet (Indicate your preference while placing order)
  13. Dried Malt Extract (DME)- 1 Kg
  14. Hops (Aroma)- 1 Packet
  15. Hops (Bittering)-1 Packet
  16. Cork for Secondary Fermenter-1
  17. Corks for bottling-25
  18. Bottle Brush-1
  19. Dropper- 1
  20. Hand Gloves- 1
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  1. A We provide plastic fermenters for ease of transportation. It's of 30 lt's capacity