Sanitation in Wine Making

If it’s not clean, it’s not sanitary.
Cleaning is one area in which homebrewers, in mimicking their craft brewing and microbrewing cousins, often miss the point. While there is a multitude of chemicals and products available to help clean dirty equipment, many of the chemicals used in commercial operations are simply industrial substitutes for the one piece of equipment that no homebrewer can overuse — elbow grease. Giant tanks that can’t be reached can only be effectively cleaned with harsh chemicals, but there is really no good reason to employ hazardous caustics and acids in homebrewing. While good cleaners can help with the job, the best approaches to cleaning boil down to plenty of hot water and liberal use of scrubbing pads and brushes. Getting equipment spotless allows the chemicals used in the sanitization process to effectively do their jobs. Failure to get equipment clean can result in bacterial contaminations, and nobody enjoys dumping a spoiled homebrew down the drain.

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