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Lalvin Yeast (EC-1118)

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  • The EC-1118 yeast strain produces clean and refreshing red or white wines.
  • It is a very active yeast during fermentation and has a strong alcohol tolerance.
  • The EC-1118 yeast is an excellent choice for sparkling wines and has good flocculation creating a very compact sediment.
  • It is ideal for restarting stuck fermentations, is suitable for barrel fermentations and ferments well at cooler temperatures.


  • Net Weight: 0.176oz (5g)
  • Item Quantity: 1
  • Form: Dried
  • Usage: Use one 5g pack per 1 to 6 US gallons (4.5L to 23L)
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  1. A You will have to hydrate the yeast into warm water first for 30 mins. Once it starts bubbling, you can pitch it into mashed grapes.
  2. A Ideal fermentation temp is 57.2 and 64.4 °F or (14 – 18 °C)